Vancouver Christmas

Exciting new designs for 2018 Vancouver Christmas Ornaments

Rhonda Nowak

I am excited to be designing four prototypes for my 2018 "White Christmas" additions to Vancouver Christmas Ornaments. They're a mix of Vancouver landmarks and beloved B.C. emblems, all which happen to be white or silver. The four prototypes underway are:

1. Science World. I can imagine the geodome sparkling on my tree, just like it's been sparkling on Vancouver's skyline since Expo 86.  Plus, every Lower Mainland parent (or tourist with kids) has been there once if not several times.

2. Spirit bear. The Kermode (or spirit) bear was originally in my inagural lineup for development, but delayed for a year as I was worried people would mistake it for a polar bear. Ensuring it looks like an American black bear, except being white, will be crucial.

3. Pacific Dogwood flower. I was surprised by how popular this floral emblem was in my straw poll of friends and family. Dogwood flowers have anywhere from four to six brackets. I'm going with four brackets because, as my Auntie Audrey astutely noted, "... with five petals it could be any flower." 

4. Lions Gate Bridge lion. This ornament is based on the lions (sculpted by Charles Merega in 1939) that guard the entrance to Lions Gate Bridge. As a lover of everything Art Deco, this one is my personal favourite.  

Once I have the prototypes, I'll post pictures and start taking pre-orders to determine which prototypes to proceed with to manufacturing.

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