Vancouver Christmas

Sneak peek: elegant Pacific Dogwood blown-glass ornament

Rhonda Nowak
Dogwood ornament.JPG

Here's your sneak peek at my first Vancouver Christmas Ornaments design of 2018: an elegant Pacific Dogwood -- the floral emblem of British Columbia -- handcrafted in blown glass. The photo is of the prototype, which will go into production later this month for delivery in the fall.

This ornament has special meaning for me, and I dedicate it to my mom, Juanita Trenholm, and my grandmother Doris Needham.

Of all my ornament designs, this one is Mom's favourite.  In addition to our shared love of flowers, I suspect it has something to do with the fact that dogwoods were also a favourite of her mom, Doris. Grannie chose "Midwinter Dogwood Stylecraft" as her everyday dinnerware set, so the association is strong in my mind.  

I think this is why I gravitated to the rarer four-petal design. Pacific Dogwoods can have anywhere from four to six petals (technically, they're not petals but bracts), and most have five. But I'm sentimental and the dogwood on my Grannie's dishes had four petals. So, so does my ornament.

I also learned this Easter of the four-petal dogwood's symbolism in my Christian faith. It makes me wonder if perhaps that played a part in my Grannie's choice of her dinnerware pattern, as she too had a strong faith which she demonstrated quietly but clearly. (She was a talented painter and in many of her landscape paintings, she hid a cross. You might not notice if you weren't looking for it, but it was there.) 

Anyhow, I can imagine how gorgeous a tree might look decorated entirely in white with these dogwoods! I'm very pleased with how this ornament turned out. I hope you like it, too.