Vancouver Christmas

I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.
— Charles Dickens

It started as a family tradition

One of my favourite traditions is to bring back a souvenir Christmas ornament from every family vacation. Ideally it is specific to our destination: Santa in a New York City taxicab, the Macy's clock in Chicago, a San Francisco streetcar. Hanging them on our tree each year brings back memories afresh of our times together.

Iconic Vancouver symbols

At some point, I realized I had never seen an ornament that was unique to my home city. That's when I decided to create a line of Christmas ornaments featuring some beloved landmarks, icons and symbols of Vancouver. 

Beautifully designed, blown-glass

All my ornaments are unique designs, handmade in blown glass and painted by talented craftspeople. Whether you're decorating your own tree or a sending a little piece of Vancouver to friends or family — I hope these ornaments bring some Christmas joy and remind you of the beautiful place I call home.